Dark Star Orchestra
Stage AE
Pittsburgh, Pa
show reinacted : 77-09-03 Englishtown NJ Englishtown Raceway

Oktava MK-012 w/cardoid capsules & -10 db attenuators ---> Tascam DR-680
Mics w/ 18 in. seperation & about 8 ft. high.
Located direct center along rear sbd. area barrier

Katz tails:

This was my first venture to the inside stage at Stage AE & ifn't I didn't already have ticket arranged to Gov't
Mule there tomorrow would probably be my last. I can understand them throwing away my peanut butter pretzels at
the security checkpoint outside the venue (they went through my equipment bag thouroughly & found them). However
... they never patted me down & I got in my 2 Mountain Dews in my pants pockets that I had intended to finish
before went to go in.

Security there really sucked. I had set up my mics & tripod originally directly in front of sbd dead center in the
pit ... til this archlach with a security shirt on told me that woud have to keep my mics below the top of sbd so
wouldn't block sound engineer's view ... which would've been at 6 ft. ... crowd would've been all over recording
at that heighth. So I moved to back of sbd & set up. 10 min. before beginning of set I another recorder showed up &
set up in front of sbd put the 3 mic mix up where it definately was blocking sound engineers sight ... the same
security guard that made me move my rig didn't say a single word to this other recorder! Even the sound engineer
asked me why was set up behind sbd & not in front! He said what my earlier plans were would present him with any
problems & ifn I wanted to move back in front of sbd it was no problem. But that would've created a problem as it
was just 2 min. later that show began ... no way would've been set up in time.

As for the show ... DSO was hittin' in all gears, doin' a reinactment of 77-09-03 Englishtown NJ, which made this the
1st time that I've been at a DSO show in which the show they were recreating was a show that I saw The Grateful Dead
perform live. It wasn't the real thing ... but close enough to pretend!

My heartfelt thanks goes out to Chuck Nemeth for the miracle! Sorry to hear you had to leave early! I hope that this
finds it's way to you Chuck, as you are the one that made this recording possible! I dedicate this to you for your