Dark Star Orchestra
Legend Valley
Thornville, OH

Dark Star Jubilee Day 1 of 3

Set I - 66 min.

01. Intro/Dedication
02. Jack Straw
03. Foolish Heart
04. The Same Thing
05. Lazy River Road
06. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
07. Masterpiece
08. So Many Roads
09. The Promised Land

Set II - 121 min.

01. Eyes of the World
02. Playin' in the Band
03. Uncle John's Band
04. Corina
05. Drums > Space
06. The Wheel
07. All Along the Watchtower
08. Black Peter
09. Sugar Magnolia
10. E: Brokedown Palace
11. E: The Weight


Rob Eaton dedicates this show and the entire weekend to the memory of Matt Reynolds, DSO's former tour manager who died unexpectedly last year after the 2017 Jubilee.

Recreation of 1993-06-11 (Buckeye Lake Music Center, now called Legend Valley)

The Weight was performed as filler and was not part of the original Grateful Dead show

Lineage: SDXC > USB > Maxtor 6L200P0 > Audacity used to mix to two channels > Sound Forge XP 4.5 used for Normalizing, Fades, and Tracks > .wav > Trader's Little Helper > Flac
Location: Thornville, OH
Run time: 187 min.
Source: FOB in the sweet spot, stand about 6.5-7 feet > 2x AKG 391 cardioids ORTF and 2x AKG 393 hypercardioids pointed at stacks > Zoom F8 @44.1kHz/16-bit (4-track) > .wav > SDXC
Taped by: Toaste
Transferred by: Toaste