Darrell Scott
17th Annual Rocky Mountain Folks Festival
Planet Bluegrass Ranch – Lyons, Colorado
August 17, 2007

01. Another Rainy Day
02. It’s A Great Day To Be Alive
03. Still Got A Ways To Go (?)
04. Uncle Lloyd
05. Colorado
06. Long Time Gone
07. Looking Glass
08. I’m Just Going (?)
09. World of Wonder
10. River Take Me
11. With A Memory Like Mine
12. Love’s Not Through With Me Yet
13. There’s A Stone Around My Belly (+)

Total Time: 74:45

(?) unidentified
(+) with 2007 Songwriters School teachers and attendees


Original 1-bit/2.8 mHz audience recording (Poor_Yorick) seated directly adjacent to soundboard; AUD taping was permitted by artist and venue.

Audio Technica AT 831 lavalier cardioids (SP CMC 2) > Reactive Sounds SPA-2 Pre-Amp > Korg MR-1 recorder at 1-bit/2.8mHz DSD > uploaded USB2 and converted to 16-bit/44.1 mHz - Korg Audiogate > tracking, +3db gain to right channel for balance, and fades - Cool Edit 2000 > sector boundary alignment, conversion FLAC Frontend 1.7.1 level 6.

This music is not for sale or to be reproduced in a lossy format such as MP3. Please support the artist by buying official releases and attending shows.


Show is continuous except one hard cut (a pause, not very noticeable) during applause between tracks 7 and 8 to re-position the umbrella and towel mufflers over the mics due to inclement weather.

While waiting in line to enter the Ranch for Friday’s festival, a queue-mate from Taos who attended the on-site Songwriters School during the previous week shared how valuable the workshop was this year. He was excited to have established a mentoring relationship with one of the artists, also a performer on Friday’s ticket. As we discussed the day’s lineup and came to Darrell Scott, my queue-mate said his mentor told him that in Nashville, “Darrell Scott is god” among his singer/songwriter peers.

Quite a statement, but if you’re familiar with Darrell’s work, you know this is not so far off the mark. If you’re new to Darrell, you’ll get a taste for his deep talent with this 75 minute primer. Once again, thanks to the technical crew at Planet Bluegrass for mixing their trademark pristine sound you’ll hear on this recording.