Torrent Title:
Wolfgang Dauner & Florian Dauner DUSSELDORF Platz des Landtags 2015-05-24

Artist Name:
Dauner & Dauner

Bootleg Title:
Who let the Dauners out?

Venue City Country Date
B�hne Landtag, Dusseldorf, Germany, 2015-05-24

Track List:
01 Introduction By Klaus Doldinger
02 2012+1
03 Raga Yagapriya
04 Hypnos
05 Echos Stimme
06 Who Let The Dog Out
07 Mr. Minky
08 Wendekreis Des Steinbocks
09 Le Tombeau De Couperin (Menuet) - Untitled/Unknown
10 Elf Notizen
11 Hongkong Fu

Wolfgang Dauner - piano, electronics
Florian Dauner - drums

Included (pictures taken at the actual gig by Metamarc)

Audience Recording / Exc.

ffp: Included


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Notes: Great concert during the Dusseldorf Jazz Rally Festival 2015. Brilliant interplay between father and son. Enjoy!

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