Dave Alvin And The Guilty Men
February 18, 2005
The Continental Club
Austin, TX

Source: Soundboard - Sony DAT
recorded by James Chase III RIP
renamed with Flexible Renamer and tagged with foobar200 live tagger

Dave-strat guitar,vocals
Chris Gaffney-guitar,accordian,vocals
Joe Terry-piano, vocals
Bobby Lloyd Hicks-drums, vocals
Chris Miller-tele guitar, lap steel

01. It Tears Me Up(Gaff)
02. Albuquerque(Gaff)
03. Trouble Bound
04. Sinful Daughter
05. Abilene
06. Out Of Control
07. Halley's Comet
08. King Of California
09. Dry River
10. Somewhere In Time
11. Ashgrove
12. 4th Of July
13. American Music
14. Band Intro--> Cowboys To Girls
15. Cowboys To Girls
16. Marie Marie
17. Marie Mariecont