Dave Alvin
Night & Day Cafe
21st April 2012

support provided by Kasey Anderson
Soundboard>Edirol R-09
CA-11 Cardioids >SP-SPSB-11 Battery box> Sony PCM10.micro SD card> BigDee>mastering (Harbal/Sound Forge/Wavelab)>.flac>Foobar for tags
CD Artwork included in files.

Again thanks go to Dave Alvin for allowing recording/sharing and Will Skinner for arranging recording access and Big Dee for mastering the recording.

The soundboard feed was given (I think) through the headphone socket of the board and had numerous glitches, mainly cut outs and what appear to be channel switches/alterations. As I understand it the phono output is the engineeers control and alterations he was making were reflected in the soundboard. The aud recording largely compensates for this in the matrix. BigDee has compensated for most problems in the mastering. The Dave sbd is 2.5 dB down on the aud. Perhaps should have been more, but it sounds fine.
The Night and Day had easily the noisiest and most disrespectful audience I have had the misfortune to share space with for a long, long time. Apologies to the genuine Dave Alvin and music fans that also suffered on the night.This was perhaps due to the fact that the people who actually wanted to see and hear Dave were at the front whereas the hardened drinkers, and this was basically a bar with a stage at the end, which had been open all day for drinkers and serious drinking seemed to be was the main business concern of the night. I got there quite early but the soundcheck had been done already, presumably while everyone drinking for the afternoon was present. I was not asked for a ticket and eventually I think they set up a desk for tickets at the entrance but as far as I could see , anyone who was in there already was not asked for a ticket or asked to leave if they hadn't got one. Will had comped me and a friend so I didn't duck the entrance price. First time I'd been anywhere with this sort of set up. Kasey Anderson who opened was on a complete loser as you could barely hear him over the bar noise. Anyone who has been to a Dave gig will know that it can be loud, the guys in this bar were seriously loud. I think Dave chose wisely to start with Blackjack David as it quieten the mob a little and get their attention. The soundboard of Kasey sounds fine but I missed the first song as he started 15 minutes ahead of schedule. The place had no noticeable air conditoning and at one point Dave remarks before Ashgrove that although it was April in Manchester it felt like August in Texas on the stage.The floors were even slippery so I suppose that makes it more rock n'roll. It would take someone the calibre of Dave to get me back there.
2 glitches are me trying to get back to my seat/wall during Blackjack David and also asking engineer to adjust and during King of California the people infront decided to take their leave and say goodbye to the rest of the planet.
Those are the problems which make it sound a lot worse than it is. I really enjoyed the show as did most people who actually went to watch and hear it. The show was was really very, very good AND the recording came out fine largely due to BigDee's mastering. IMHO it's well worth sharing and the cost of the download.

I am pleased too say that I got a really good soundoard feed for a Alejandro Escovedo show last week which will show up in due course.

Dave Alvin- vocals, guitar
Brad Fordham- bass, backing vocals
Lisa Pankratz- drums, backing vocals
Chris Miller- guitar, backing vocals

CD 1 68.26
1. Intro/Black Jack David (6.33)
2. Chat (1.27)
3. Harlan County Line (7.06)
4. Intro to Boss Of The Blues (2.10)
5. Boss Of The Blues (8.05)
6. Intro to Black Rose Of Texas (2.04)
7. Black Rose Of Texas (5.23)
8. Intro to Long White Cadillac (2.49)
9. Long White Cadillac (6.50)
10. Abilene (11.08)
11. Intro to Run Conejo Run (2.27)
12. Run Conejo Run (6.17)
13. Intro to King Of California (0.26)
14. King Of California (5.33)
CD 2 51.55
15. Chat (0.22)
16. Ashgrove (11.12)
17. Chat (1.25)
18. Dry River (9.23)
19. Intro to Marie Marie (1.57)
20. Marie Marie (3.57)
21. Applause (1.44)
22. Chat (0.38)
23. Every Night About This Time (4.44)
24. Fourth Of July (6.18)
25. So Long Baby Goodbye/Band Intros (10.08)

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