Dave Alvin and The Guilty Men
October 4th, 2007 (2007-10-04)
Stateline, NV (USA)
Crystal Bay Club - North Lake Tahoe

This is a soundboard copy of Dave Alvin and The Guilty Men playing at the Crystal Bay Club in Stateline, Nevada. (North Lake Tahoe.) The sound is really great and Dave, as always, put on a fantastic show! If you've never heard Dave Alvin's music before, this would be a great place to start!

This show has never been posted before.

Track List:


01. Out In California
02. Haley's Comet
03. Redneck Friend
04. Every Night About This Time
05. Abilene
06. Museum Of Heart
07. Out Of Control
08. Wanda And Duane


01. Dry River
02. Somewhere In Time
03. Ashgrove
04. East Virginia Blues
05. Fourth Of July
07. King Of California
08. Marie Marie

Phil Alvin's little brother, Dave - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Joseph Terry - Keyboards & Back-up Vocals
Chris Miller - Guitar
Gregory Boaz - Bass Guitar
Steve McGallion (sp?) - Drums

Photos: Yes (If somebody could create a CD cover, that would be great!)

NOTE: Of course I would like to thank Dave and The Guilty Men for all their great music, and for being such all around great guys,... but I also need to thank RoadOfPlenty for his efforts! Without RoadOfPlenty, this show wouldn't be available! Thank you RoadOfPlenty! There's also another person I need to thank,... his name is FRANK! Frank has helped me with many of the technical aspects of torrenting! So,... Thanks go out to Dave and The Guys, RoadOfPlenty, and also to FRANK! :O)

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DAVE ALVIN w The GUILTY MEN - 2007-10-04 - Stateline, NV (USA) - Crystal Bay Club !!-UNCIRCULATED-SOUNDBOARD-With SAMPLES-!!