Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Clive Davis Theatre
Los Angeles, California
July 31, 2018

Songs and Stories

01. Introduction (incomplete)
02. Downey to Lubbock
03. Making an album together
04. Buddy Brown's Blues
05. The Steve Young connection
06. Silverlake
07. A Story about Chris Gaffney
08. In the Garden
09. Songwriting and song fighting
10. Billy the Kid and Geronimo
11. Jimmie talks about Butch Hancock
12. Dallas
13. Mad magazine changed the world
14. Transformative musical experiences
15. The Buddy Holly connection
16. Hardly Strictly Festival stories
17. Get Together

Recorded by -M-
SP-CMC8 (Audio Technica at-943 microphone pair) > SP-SPSB-11 (battery box) > Sony PCM M-10 @ 24-48
iZotope RX6 advanced & Har-Bal 3.0 > CD Wave > AudioGate Aqua (16-44) > TLH (flac 8)

Stood up when the guys walked on stage and when I sat down I must have pulled the microphone cable part way out.
About a minute into the show I noticed the meters spiking oddly and found what was wrong and hooked it all back up.
Some of the introduction was too damaged and so it was removed.

Still had some issues for about the next 10 minutes before I re-adjusted everything to take the stress off of the connector.
That part was repairable and you shouldn't even notice it but it took some effort to get there.
Yikes, that's two shows in a row with technical challenges.

An intimate performance with a quiet audience.
A pairing of two musicians each of which I have been following since the 1980's.
This year they are touring together with the "Guilty Ones" backing them but tonight at the Grammy Museum they performed a solo show.

The "instant replay" heard after "Buddy Brown's Blues" was a person sitting real close to me!
Like I needed the spotlight pointed my way.
Cell phones....well at least they take the heat off of audio recording.

Finally, thank you to Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore and let's all wish Jimmie's mother a speedy recovery.

For historical reference only and not intended for resale or any commercial use

-M- (August 2018)


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