Dave & Phil Alvin And The Guilty Ones
Paradiso (upstairs)
Amsterdam, Netherlands

12th November 2014

Source 1: Soundboard-> Edirol R09-HR [24bit/48kHz]
Source 2: 2xDPA4061-> MPS6020> Sony PCM-M10 [24bit/48kHz]
Recorded and mixed in Audacity by scdegraaf
Because the guitars were very low in the soundboard mix and were mainly taken from the amps
on stage I used more audience in my mix than I usually do. Moreover I liked the audience
recording better than the soundboard recording. However mixed they make a very nice recording.

CD-version: 16bit/44.1kHz


Second time to see them during this tour. The first time was rather early in the tour in London.
This show in my hometown was the one but last show of this tour. Everybody was roadweary and longing
for home, but they played as if this was the first show, full of energy. I've heard reports about
other shows where there was no interaction between the brothers. That definitely was not the case
during this show. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves and the interaction was great.

The audience was mainly male with not a person under 40, consisting of many Blasters fans.
They were loud, especially one man near me was shouting all the time. At those times I was so
glad I had a recorder running at the soundboard.

The atmosphere in the audience was great, all had a good time.

I arrived at the Paradiso during the soundcheck to meet Will Skinner. Will and road manager
Danny made sure I had access to the soundboard.
Will and I had a quick bite in a nearby snackbar before the audience came in. In London there was hardly time to talk,
so now we could catch up how things had gone since then. After the show he took me to the band.
Dave signed my CD. Will offered to take a picture of me with Dave, which I kindly reclined.
Having my CD signed in the dressing room was enough to make me feel like a middle aged groupy.

It gave me the opportunity to tell Chris Miller how much I like his guitarplay. Naturally all
attention goes out to Dave. Chris doesn't attract attention and I think most people don't realize
a fair portion of the guitar sound comes from Chris. Just listen to One Bad Stud, when Dave was not
playing guitar during part of the song due to problems with a cable.

Setlist [01:44:36]
1. Intro
2. All By Myself
3. Banter
4. I Feel So Good
5. Banter
6. Key To the Highway
7. You've Changed
8. Banter
9. How You Want It Done?
10. Southern Flood Blues
11. Border Radio
12. Johnny Ace Is Dead
13. The Stuff They Call Money
14. Truckin' Little Woman
15. What's Up With Your Brother?
16. Banter
17. Please, Please, Please
18. Dry River
19. Banter
20. One Bad Stud
21. Encore applause
22. Fourth Of July
23. Marie Marie
24. Band intros/So Long Baby Goodbye