Dave & Phil Alvin and the Guilty Ones
Amsterdam, Netherlands

11th April 2016

Source 1: soundboard-> Edirol R09-HR [24bit/48kHz]
Source 2: ca14-> cA9100-> Sony PCM-M10 [24bit/48kHz]

Recorded and mixed in Audacity by scdegraaf
Dithered to a CD comnpatible 16bit/44.1kHz version

This show was recorded with Dave's permission (via road manager Danny Bland, who remembered me
from their London show in November 2014, which I also recorded).
Also my thanks to the nice soundtec, who was very helpfull.

Dave Alvin- electric guitar, vocals
Phil Alvin- vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonicas
Chris Miller- electric guitar, slide guitar
Lisa Pankratz- drums, backing vocals
Brad Fordham- bass, backing vocals

Setlist [01:39:51]
1. Intro music
2. I Feel So Good
3. Talk
4. Mister Kicks
5. World's In A Bad Condition
6. Sit Down, Baby
7. Talk
8. Cherry Red Blues
9. Hide And Seek
10. Southern Flood Blues
11. Talk
12. Border Radio
13. Johnny Ace Is Dead
14. Truckin� Little Woman
15. What�s Up With Your Brother
16. Dry River (w/drum solo)
17. American Music *
18. Crowd
19. All By Myself
20. Marie Marie
21. Turn On Your Lovelight w/band intros
22. So Long Baby Goodbye

* Dedicated to Steve Young and Merle Haggard