Artist: Dave & Phil Alvin with the Guilty Ones
Venue: Vulkan Arena
City: Oslo, Norway
Date: 2014-11-13

Source: Digital master, audience recording
Taper: Larsen
Lineage: Zoom H4 -> WAV 16-bit/44.1KHz -> USB -> Adobe Audition CS5.5 -> FLAC -> Dimeadozen


Dave Alvin: electric guitar, Vocals
Phil Alvin: acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals
Chris Miller: electric guitar
Brad Fordham: bass guitar, backing vocal
Lisa Pankratz: drums, percussion, backing vocal, lead vocal (track 17)

The last concert on their 2014 European tour. Both brothers and the rest of the band in good form this rainy thursday night in Norway. The small intimate venue was perfect for some American music played loud! The sound is good. Once again recorded from my pocket.


1. All By Myself (4:38)
2. I Feel So Good (5:36)
3. Key To The Highway (3:18)
4. You've Changed (5:28)
5. How Do You Want It Done (2:43)
6. Southern Flood Blues (8:15)
7. Border Radio (2:41)
8. Johnny Ace Is Dead (7:52)
9. Stuff They Call Money (6:14)
10. Truckin' Little Woman (3:22)
11. What's Up With Your Brother (15:10)
12. Please Please Please (3:45)
13. Dry River (10:17)
14. One Bad Stud (6:29)
15. Encore Break (3:22)
16. Fourth Of July (7:26)
17. Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin') (6:14)
18. Marie Marie (4:41)
19. Band Intros/So Long Baby Goodbye (13:39)

Total running time: 121:10 mins.

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