Dave Brubeck Quartet
November, 1961
Gruga Halle
Essen, Germany


The Dave Brubeck Quartet at "Gruga Halle", Essen, Germany, November 1961.

From two German radio broadcasts (TT 68:11) taped by an old friend of mine back in 1961 in the Netherlands. Monaural, no hi-fi, but pretty good; remember: no cable etc. in those days, and radio signals could become distorted by e.g. mopeds passing by in the street! Back then we grew up in the same neighbourhood in a city close to the German border. Some 15 years or so ago I borrowed this tape from him and made a perfect copy of it.

Don't think this has ever been re-broadcast or has surfaced anywhere in any form! If it's been here on Dime before, please let me know!

(In a trade, I once got a copy of a Dave Brubeck concert from the same venue - presumably originated from Dime - but from the year before: April 2, 1960.)


Paul Desmond (as), Dave Brubeck (p), Gene Wright (b), Joe Morello (d)

Broadcast A (29:13):
A1 Introduction (0:47)
A2 These Foolish Things (9:38)
A3 Brandenburg Gate (7:40)
A4 Out of Nowhere (8:01)
A5 I'm in a Dancing Mood (3:05)

Broadcast B (38:56):
B1 Introduction (1:18)
B2 It's a Raggy Waltz (7:14)
B3 Waltz Limp (4:08)
B4 Take the "A" Train (8:50)
B5 Nomad (10:23)
B6 The Wright Groove (7:04)

Radio (mono rebroadcasts) > master tape > tape > recording, tracking and editing wav file in Audacity > CD-R > Wav > TLH (Flac 8, align on sector boundaries)

Audio quality:
B+/A- (pretty good!)


Add Lineage:
DIME > flacs verified > wav > audio restoration > flac(lvl8) > DIME

Audio Restoration:
- declicked and decrackled
- repaired drops out
- lightly denoised
- retracked and renamed files
- packed to flac(lvl8)
- created checksums