Great night for jazz piano with Ramsey Lewis Trio opening for Dave Brubeck Quartet
Brubeck entered stage right with no anouncement other than the dashing of the lights. I lost the opening 3-4 bars of Sunny Side waiting for my JB3 to go live.

Be advised this performance was recorded FOB center orchestra (Row P) under the balconyand this creates a lot of applause bounce back. I was afraid to raise my levels any higher for fear of too much ambient noise and or audio blow out during applause. There are a few very quiet parts to this performance especially the beautiful "Over The Rainbow".
I hope you enjoy this living legend just a week before is 86 birthday.

Dave Brubeck Quartet 11/30/06
Venue: Paramount Theater
City: Austin
State: TX

Giant Squid Cardioid Powered (9v) Stereo
Stealth Mics>JB3>Creative>CDWAV>CD

On The Sunny Side Of The Street
Stormy Weather
Theme For June
Our Love Is Here To Stay
Intro To London Flat
London Flat, London Sharp
Over The Rainbow
Unknown Swing Tune
Take Five *

* Little Drummer Boy / verse (Bobby Militello)
* Deep In The Heart Of Texas / verse (Dave Brubeck)

Dave Brubeck - piano
Bobby Militello -- alto saxophone, flute
Michael Moore -- double bass
Randy Jones -- drums