Dave Brubeck
90th Birthday Concert
Tarrytown Music Hall
Tarrytown, New York
December 3, 2010

Lineage: Sound Professionals SP-TFB-2 in ear binaurals > ZoomH2 > Tracks split using Sound Studio > to FLAC using xACT

Recording Location: balcony, 1st row, 2 seats to the right of center

101 Intro 1:39
102 7:18
103 Mood Indigo 2:02
104 Take the A Train 6:34
105 10:13
106 11:30
107 9:00
201 Happy Birthday to You 7:26
202 6:03
203 Elegy 6:10
204 6:14
205 6:43
206 10:13
207 Take Five 11:02
208 Crowd Sings Happy Birthday 3:20
209 3:53
210 Lullabye & Good Night 2:29

Recorded 3 days before Dave Brubeck's 90th birthday. Dave and the band are in good spirits and the audience is clearly happy to be there. It was a long show with a wide variety of material. At the start of the 2nd set, the audience members start to spontaneously sing Happy Birthday. Dave picks up on it and they improvise for several minutes on a theme of "Happy Birthday to You." Near the end of set two they do Take Five in response to a request. Then a big cake is brought out. If you listen you can hear Brubeck notice that he has gotten frosting on his jacket while blowing out the candles. He says "This suit was brand new..... 20 years ago!"

I took some photos, so I will be happy to make some artwork, but PLEASE HELP ME WITH THE SONG TITLES IF YOU CAN!!!