Recreation Hall
Pennsylvania State University
Centre County, Pennsylvania, USA

Source: Boot LP, "A University Listens to Dave Brubeck" Penn State Jazz Club (*see notes below)

Quality: B+ (recording quality is decent; some static, but overall good - sample included)

Boot LP (F8OP 7083) > ? > CDR > WAV > WAV TRIM > Trader's Little Helper (FLAC 8, align on sector boundaries)

Dave Brubeck, Piano
Paul Desmond, Alto
Bob Bates, Bass
Joe Dodge, Drums

Side A
01 Give a Little Whistle
02 Here Lies Love
03 A Trolley Song
04 Jeepers Creepers

Side B
05 These Foolish Things
06 All the Things You Are
07 Dave Brubeck speaks
08 For All We Know > Jazz Club Recording Announcement

Total Time: 58:41


I received this set as a CDR with no information other than the date and location. I found the fade-out
of the applause after each song to be a little unusual for an audience boot or soundboard. Then, on the
very last track, there is a voice that comes on during the final seconds announcing that this was a recording
made by the Penn State Jazz Club.

In digging a little deeper, I found a couple of on-line mention of this recording, which is called "A
University Listens to Dave Brubeck." Tracks 1-4 comprised side A; and tracks 5, 6, and 8, side B. Oddly,
there was no track 7 on the recording (here as "Dave Brubeck speaks"), so I don't know if that was mixed in
from another source (or if this is tape is in fact from the pre-LP master reel, or if the person who transferred
it from the LP split it off from the 8th track); regardless, the set list matches the LP. I think the fade
out of the applause after each track suggests pretty strongly that this tape was made from the LP itself.

According to the on-line description I read of the LP (pressed on red vinyl), the label on it states,
"Presented by the Penn State Jazz Club, Recorded at Recreation Hall, March 18, 1955." In bold letters
on the bottom, "FOR MEMBERS ONLY" with "F8OP 7083" under that. The liner notes go on:

"HI FI FANS NOTE! The original tapes were recorded on an Ampex '600' tape recorder with a single Electro
Voice 654 microphone. RCA Victor processed the stampers and made the pressings in accordance with the new
RIAA frequency curve, on the best possible substance, pure grain vinylite."

It does not appear, in any way, to be a legitimate release (or that it was even circulated outside of the
Penn State Jazz Club); and I could not find mention of it in any Brubeck discographies. The 3-18 date on the
LP jacket does not agree with the announcement at the end of the recording, which clearly states 3-19.

If anyone knows more about this recording, please share with us. Otherwise, please just enjoy and share!