Dave Brubeck Quartet
Free Trade Hall
Manchester, UK

Pitch-adjusted and re-sequenced version by TheTooleMan 12/12/2012

Dave Brubeck
December 6, 1920 � December 5, 2012

Soundboard recording, very good quality

I received this recording in trade in 2008. Location and date information are sketchy. More information about this recording will be welcomed.

After seeding it exactly as I recieved it in trade, I made the following adjustments
- adjusted pitch
- reduced 43 Hz hum
- resequenced tracks to correct errors in original copy
- altered track boundaries
- equalized signal to increase highs above 2500 Hz

I have adjusted the overall speed and pitch of the recording. The copy I received was over 1 semitone sharp. Speed fluctuations (wow and flutter) in the source tape are still evident throughout the recording.

I attempted to verify the date of this recording. At the web site "Arts & Humanities Research Council Concert Programmes" (http://www.concertprogrammes.org.uk/html/search/verb/GetRecord/4004), I found an entry reading
"Nov/Dec - The Dave Brubeck Quartet featuring Paul Desmond" under a list of programs for 1962. The quartet also plays songs from the album "Countdown: Time in Outer Space" which was released in 1962. So it's a pretty good bet that this performance is from the late autumn of 1962.

There is evidence to strongly suggest that the original disks did not reflect the sequence of the performance. There are a couple of clues about this. Before "Castillian Blues/Castilian Drums," Brubeck says he's had to fill time twice in one concert. The first time seems to be before "Waltz Limp," which originally came first on the disks. Also, the band plays "Take Five" twice during this concert. The shorter rendition comes after lengthy applause, which may have been when the band took their bows, and could have been played as an encore. Playing a second rendition of a hit song as an encore is an old custom which the band may have employed on this night. Finally, before the shorter rendition, Brubeck says goodnight and "The train is about to leave."

Personnel: Dave Brubeck, Joe Morello, Paul Desmond, Eugene Wright

Tracks in corrected sequence:

1. Cultural Exchange
2. Dave introduces...
3. Waltz Limp
4. Take Five
5. St. Louis Blues
6. This Can't Be Love
(last track on the first disk, if burning CD's)
7. The Real Ambassadors
8. King for a Day
9. These Foolish Things
10. Dave stalls
11. Castillian Blues/Castilian Drums
12. Take Five