This is third of three Dave Brubeck tapes I received recently in a trade. This one finds
Brubeck in the most well-known iteration of his quartet: Desmond, Wright, and Morello.

A few things... First, I received it as 1963-9-23, but a review of Brubeck's personal archives
at University of the Pacific Library gives a date of the 28th for this show, so I will go with
that date instead. Second, as with everything I receive from this trader, it was burned with
gaps between the tracks, which WAV TRIM seems to have cleared up. Finally, the frequency wave
on this seems very limited. I ran it through Tau Analyzer and it came up 100% CDDA, aside from
the first and last tracks which were unknown. It was clearly taped off the radio, and as a result
there are some static spots, most significantly on tracks 7 and 9. I checked with the one trader
on etree who has this tape - he also happens to be a Dime member - and after describing it to him,
he seemed to think it was identical to his copy.

So here it goes... (there's an audio sample for your pre-download evaluation).

Grand Casino (?)
Basel, Switzerland

Source: SRG Radio

Quality: B+/A- (some static spots)

FM > ? > CDR > WAV > WAV TRIM > Trader's Little Helper (FLAC 8, align on sector boundaries)

Dave Brubeck, Piano
Paul Desmond, Alto
Gene Wright, Bass
Joe Morello, Drums

01 Take the "A" Train
02 Audrey
03 Cable Car
04 You Go to My Head
05 Take Five
06 Koto Song
07 Pennies From Heaven
08 Shim Wa
09 Thank You
10 Radio DJ

Total Time: 77:48