Dave Brubeck Quartet
September 17, 2006
Monterey Jazz Festival, Monterey, Ca.

-FM radio broadcast of the 49th annual Monterey Jazz Festival. Show started around 7:20 p.m. Featured the premiere of "Cannery Row suite", commissioned for the festival. Any help with the set list is appreciated.

Dave Brubeck-piano
Randy Jones-drums
Michael Moore-bass
Bobby Militello-alto sax
and featured during "Cannery Row Suite":
Roberta Gambarini-vocals (as Dora)
Kurt Elling-vocals (as Doc)
Triple Play featuring Chris Brubeck (also as the voice of Mack)
(I think Thom Steinbeck is the narrator of the opening & closing of the suite)

Disc #1
1. Clint Eastwood talking
2. band introductions
3. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
4. Stormy Weather
5. -
6. -
7. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
8. dave talking
9. continued
10. dave talking
11. continued

Disc #2
1. Cannery Row Suite
2. dj discussion