Dave Brubeck Quartet:
Saratoga Performing Arts Center
32nd Freihofer's Jazz Festival
Saratoga Springs, New York
June 28th, 2009

Source: Sony ECM-719 Mic (Music setting) > Sony MZ-R900 Minidisc Recorder (recorded in LP2 mode & then dubbed to PCM WAV 16bit 44100khz in Adobe Audition 3 & splitted into separate tracks per DIME policy) > Adobe Audition 3 (+20db boost) > FLAC Level 8 > DIME > You!

Artwork: Nope, sorry.

Duration: 63 mins.


Dave Brubeck: Grand Piano
Danny Brubeck: Drums
Bobby Militello: Saxophone
Michael Moore: Bass

Set List:
1. Take The 'A' Train (Duke Ellington)
2. ?
3. Dave Talks Time Signatures
4. Unsquare Dance
5. >
6. Take Five

Recorded from Section 4 (Far Right), Row D, Seat 17

Notes on the show:
I'm into jazz and always a[pprecoiated new and old classics. So when I heard Bruvbeck's group was to be at the Freihofer Jazz Fest, I jumped at the chance. They only had an hour to get in their set but the songs I could figure out were sizzling and at 87 years young, so was Dave! Randy Jones couldn't make ths show so his son Danny filled in on the drums and he was on fire! Sadly on track 2 (name anyone?) some old folks decided to sit right behind me and yack about almost anything under the sun (including Bobby's weight). I thought about giving them the silent shush but I didnt want to make enemies. Their yakking doesn't last too long. Either way, a great show and a very enthusiastic audience. Also, I must apologize for my loud clapping, but you have to give major props to the masters! If anyone wants to create artwork or improve upon what's here, feel free!

Enjoy this folks!


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c2fe203d1a3ce330247323b094cb2b25 *01 - Take The A Train (Duke Ellington).flac
574851a426437e29ac883ecfd6d40b1c *02 - Track 2.flac
a28d3b0d5dea83bddb8edd25458d406d *03 - Dave Talks Time Signatures.flac
98d3ed4fe7c6416ba7a7410f5a4c2809 *04 - Unsquare Dance.flac
d3e6eecd60bea42a3746a04e9bc92e30 *05 - Track 5.flac
18f1ff0fc73cf256a35fc4aaffbace7b *06 - Take Five.flac