American Icons: Dave Brubeck & Ramsey Lewis
Rose Theater
Broadcast date: 2009-07-03
Performance date: 2008-03-27

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Dave Brubeck & Ramsey Lewis. A smooth pairing as renowned pianists Brubeck and Lewis take the stage for two rousing sets. The 88-year-old Brubeck shows he still is the master of the 88s on Take Five, On the Sunny Side of the Street, and Over the Rainbow. Lewis' gospel and funk tinged sound will lift you out of your seat with The In Crowd, Wade in the Water and more.

Please note that the announcer tells who's in each group.

Dave Brubeck - Piano; Bobby Militell0 - Alto sax, flute; Michael Moore - Bass; Randy Jones - drums

Announcer 1:15
Your Own Sweet Way (Brubeck) 6:47

Announcer 1:13
Dziekuje (Brubeck) 3:31

Announcer 0:11
Marian McPartland (Brubeck) 7:22

Announcer 0:39
Take Five (Desmond) 8:40

Ramsey Lewis - Piano; Larry Gray - Bass; Leon Joyce - Drums

Announcer 3:04
The "In" Crowd (Page) 3:49

Announcer 1:09
Wade in the Water (Trad.) 9:31

Announcer 0:41
The Way She Smiles (Lewis) 5:18

Announcer 0:35
The New Ballad (Lewis) 3:02

Voiceover Outro 0:58

Total Time: 57:53