Dave Davies
Toad's Place
New Haven, CT, USA
Dec. 2, 1997

Lineage: 1st generation cassette recorded through Sony WM-D3 >recording studio mixing board>EQ>compressor>Audiomedia II card>Mac IIci>Soundesigner 2>output to CD-R>ripped in iTunes>FLAC conversion in xAct


d01t01 I Need You.flac 3:11
d01t02 Beautiful Delilah.flac 3:23
d01t03 She's Got Everything.flac 3:20
d01t04 Look Through Any Doorway.flac 3:51
d01t05 Susannah's Still Alive.flac 2:26
d01t06 Creeping Jean.flac 2:50
d01t07 Love Me Till the Sun Shines.flac 3:54
d01t08 Tired of Waiting for You.flac 2:53
d01t09 Milk Cow Blues.flac 4:58
d01t10 Imagination's Real.flac 4:19
d01t11 Wicked Annabella.flac 4:44
d01t12 Picture Book.flac 4:39
d01t13 Love Gets You.flac 2:54
d01t14 Strangers.flac 4:11

TIME: 51:29


d02t01 Too Much On My Mind.flac 4:14
d02t02 Death of a Clown.flac 4:30
d02t03 Young and Innocent Days.flac 4:01
d02t04 Fortis Greene.flac 6:30
d02t05 Living on a Thin Line.flac 5:11
d02t06 A Gallon of Gas.flac 1:21
d02t07 You're Looking Fine.flac 3:41
d02t08 All Day and All of the Night.flac 2:54
d02t09 Funny Face.flac 4:11
d02t10 Lincoln County.flac 6:22

TIME: 42:53