rockhouse salzburg, austria
october 3rd, 2001

sony microphone -> sony minidisc -> standalone sony cd burner ->
CDR -> audiograbber -> flac8 (traders little helper) -> dime

01 till the end of the day
02 I need you
03 suzannah s still alive
04 creepin jean
05 you re looking fine
06 tired of waiting for you
07 see my friends
08 nothing more to loose
09 dead end street
10 too much on my mind
11 this man he weeps tonight
12 death of a clown
13 young and innocent days
14 fortis green
15 living on a thin line
16 all day and all of the night
17 father christmas
18 unfinished business
19 you really got me

recorded and seeded on dime by gobolino
so long and thanks for all the fish