Dave Davies
Northern Lights
Clifton Park, Ny (Usa)
April 23, 2002
A Smores Dat Master
Krw&Co Transfer

Lineage Audience Dat Master(48Khz)>Sony Pcm R-300 Dat>Fiber Optic>Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Hd Model #Sb1240
Wav (16/48Khz)>Magix Audio Cleaning Lab For Track Marks Wav 16/48> Tlh Flac (Level 8)

Gear Sony M1 And Core Heb Mics/Maxell Hs-4/60 Dat

1 Intro
2 Till the End of the Day
3 I Need You
4 Susannah's Still Alive
5 Creepin' Jean
7 You're Looking Fine
8 Tired of Waiting for You
9 Set Me Free
10 See My Friends
11 The Lie
12 Bug
13 Dead End Street
14 Rock You, Rock Me
15 Death of a Clown
16 Fortis Green
17 Living On A Thin Line
18 All Day and All of the Night
19 I'm Not Like Everybody Else
20 Father Christmas
21 You Really Got Me

This show is another from the collection of Smores' who is working to get many old shows transferred and uploaded for others to enjoy.
Some of these shows are seeing the light of day after all of these years- some for the first time since they were taped!
He is currently searching for ANY Warrior Soul, Saigon Kick, Tegan and Sara, Filter, Rose Tattoo, Wildhearts, or Antigone Rising shows.
Also looking for leads to UNCIRCULATED Foo Fighters, UFO or Nine Inch Nails MASTERS. Contact him on DIME if you can help. Thanks