Dave Davies
City Winery
Chicago, IL

Recorded by Roy Martin from the audience (just under the suspended amps)
using a set of Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 (Audio Technica cardioid mic
elements) on table, pointing at the amps --> SP-SPSB-11 power supply
(bass roll-off turned off) --> Zoom H2n (24-bit/96kHz).


Cool Edit Pro used to downsample to 16-bit, fades & joining the large WAVs.

No EQ was done, so salt & pepper to taste.

CD Wave Editor used to split the WAV into separate tracks.

Trader's Little Helper used to fix SBEs ('-fixed' removed from
the filenames) then encode to FLAC (Level 8).

I also caught him the next night, at SPACE in Evanston, IL. Sadly, didn't
get a recording due to equipment malfunction or user error. And, it would've
been a sweet one, too, with mics right in front of the monitors, soaking up
the house mix.

Total - 88:08

[01] intro
[02] I'm Not Like Everybody Else
[03] I Need You
[04] She's Got Everything (false start) > band intros
[05] She's Got Everything
[06] Dave calls for the taper to get a round of applause!
[07] Little Green Amp
[08] Creepin' Jean
[09] Tired Of Waiting For You
[10] See My Friends
[11] Strangers (false start)
[12] Strangers
[13] Flowers in the Rain
[14] Young And Innocent Days
[15] Death To A Clown
[16] The Healing Boy
[17] Dead End Street
[18] Living On A Thin Line
[19] Where Have all the Good Times Gone
[20] All Day & All Of The Night
[21] You Really Got Me

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Buy his official products and go see him in concert. While you still can.
No one's getting any younger.

Buy his new CD... it's pretty good:


He mentions his new CD release before performing "Little Green Amp." When I held up
my 12" vinyl LP version of it, he called for me to receive a round of applause!
At the end of the show, he nicely autographed it for me.

Here's a news story about his Chicago visit:


Dave went shopping, too!


Local press:


The performers:

Dave Davies - Fender electric & Hofner acoustic guitars, vocals
Jonathan Lea - electric guitar
Tom Currier - electric bass, keyboards
Teddy Freese - drums

Also check out http://db.etree.org/roymartin