Recorded live at the Genessee Theatre, Waukegan, IL
Thursday April 19th, 2018

Recorded by Roy Martin using Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8s
(Audio Technica AT943 with hyper-cardioid capsules) & SP-SPSB-8
battery box (no bass roll-off used) --> Zoom H2n (24-bit/48kHz).

This is a 24-bit/48kHz fileset to make your ears happy.

Adobe Audition used for fades & amplify +2db.
The WAV was not EQed, so salt & pepper to taste.
Trader's Little Helper encoded the WAVs to FLAC (Level 8).

Total time: 89:18

01 intro / Dave enters the stage
02 'Til The End Of The Day
03 I Need You
04 Creeping Jean
05 Tired of Waiting for You
06 Susannah's Still Alive
07 See My Friends
08 Path Is Long
09 Strangers
10 Too Much On My Mind
11 Young and Innocent Days
12 Death Of A Clown (with false start & sing-along reprise)
13 Dead-End Street
14 Living On A Thin Line
15 All Day & All Of The Night
-- encore --
16 I'm Not Like Everybody Else
17 You Really Got Me

The performers:

Dave Davies - lead vocals & guitar
David Nolte - bass, keyboards & backing vocals
Dennis Diken - drums & backing vocals