Dave Edmunds
Big Man's West
Red Bank, New Jersey
September 18, 1982
(2nd Generation)

Transfer: 2nd Generation Cassette Tape > Nakamichi DR-1 (azimuth adjusted) > MacBook Pro > Audacity 1.3.11 > Peak Pro XT (pitch correction / right channel boost / volume smoothing / edit / tweak / index) > xACT 2.21 > FLAC

01 Clarence Clemons Intro
02 Crawling From The Wreckage
03 Dear Dad
04 Your True Love
05 Nobody
06 Girls' Talk
07 Fine Fine Fine
08 Me And The Boys
09 Queen Of Hearts
10 Blue Moon Of Kentucky
11 I Hear You Knockin'
12 It's My Own Business
13 I Knew The Bride (When She Use To Rock 'n' Roll)
14 Singing The Blues
15 Ju Ju Man
16 From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come) w/Bruce Springsteen
17 Johnny B. Goode w/Bruce Springsteen
18 Lucille w/Bruce Springsteen
19 Let's Talk About Us w/Bruce Springsteen
20 Carol w/Bruce Springsteen
21 Que Sera, Sera > Bama Lama Bama Loo w/Bruce Springsteen

Anticipation ran high as Dave Edmunds hit Big Man's West one Saturday night in September 1982. Touring behind his first post Rockpile solo effort, "D.E.7th", which featured a single penned by a young musician from New Jersey.

Since the show took place during Bruce's club hopping summer at a location he was known to frequent on a regular basis it seemed like a given there would be an appearance. The six song set performed with Bruce at the end of the show is well known and often traded among Bruce collectors.

Less known and not as well bootlegged is the excellent show Dave Edmunds puts on prior to Bruce joining for the six song set.

I'm happy to share here the complete show performed one night when a legend from Wales hooks up with a legend from New Jersey to make some magic in the night.


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