Dave Edmunds
Hello From Hollywood - 1983
CD (GLR 9233) / Vinyl (GRC 008)

This is a copy from the" Hello From Hollywood" Recorded live in Hollywood 1986, produced by Chicago Bamboota, 1992 Great Live Recordings. I'm not sure if this a complete gig set, you can hear some switches between sources, this is a (SBD or FM) tape to vinyl and mastered to cd. The quality is 8/10 with vinyl standard, really great! nostalgia trip:)

The info is not correct as usual, all info is taken from the backcover of this cd. The correct info should be Club Casino, Hampton Beach, April 1983.
I got this info from Annette who manages the Dave Edmunds Site http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Balcony/2674/GeoIndex.html

If someone else knows more about it, would be nice to know. I wan't to thank Annette for her research and answer:), and for the great Dave Edmunds Site.

Lineage: CDR>EAC>Foobar2000, Flac 1.1.2 (level8)

Dave Edmunds - Club Casino, Hampton Beach, April 1983

01. Dear Dad 2:34
02. Sweet Little Lisa 3:52
03. Girls Talk 3:31
04. Don't You Double 3:34
05. Queen Of Hearts 3:07
06. I Hear You Knocking 2:34
07. Trouble Boys 2:56
08. I Knew The Bride 3:09
09. You Ain't Nothing But Fine 2:43
10. Information 4:10
11. Sweet Little Rock & Roller 2:35
12. Slipping Away 4:44
13. Crawling From The Wreckage 3:07
14. Juju Man 3:11

Dave Edmunds - guitar / vocals
Billy Bremner - guitar / vocals
John David - bass / vocals
Geraint Watkins - keyboard / vocals
Dave Charles - drums

Sorry! (no artwork) I just have B/W copied scans from the cd.

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