Dave Edmunds
Kabuki Nightclub
San Francisco,Ca_USA
June 7, 1983

It's the best DE sound but a great performance.
I do my best to improve the sound.

Dynamics and a little "noise reduction" were applied with Sound Forge 9

source : Aiwa CM-30 > Aiwa Cassette recorder (w/ auto record levels)
transfer from master cassette
taper : little guy
transfer: markp

Brian Setzer joins for the final songs

01. From Small Things, Big Things Come (Springsteen)
02. Dear Dad (Berry)
03. Sweet Little Lisa (Cowart/Cowart/DeVito)
04. Loud Music in Cars (Birch/Bremner)
05. Girls Talk (Costello)
06. Queen of Hearts (DeVito)
07. band intros > I Don't Wanna Be in Love (Watkins)
08. I Hear You Knockin (Bartholomew/King)
09. Trouble Boys (Murray)
10. I Knew the Bride (Lowe)
11. Paralyzed (Blackwell/Presley)
12. Slipping Away (Lynne)
13. Information (Edmunds/Radice)
14. Ju Ju Man (Ford/Vegas)
15. Crawling From the Wreckage (Parker)
16. The Race Is On (Rollins)
17. C'mon Everybody (Capehart/Cochran)
18. Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie (Mottola/Page)
19. Let's Talk About Us (Blackwell)
20. Sweet Little Rock & Roller (Berry)

Billy Bremner - guitar, lead vocals on "Loud Music in Cars"
John David - bass
Dave Charles - drums
Geraint Watkins - piano, lead vocals on "Paralyzed", "I Don't Want To Be In Love"
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