Here's a great Dave Edmunds show that deserves another go-round on the tracker for those of you who don't already have it. The real plus to this particular Edmunds show is the inclusion of Sweden's The Refreshments (not the Arizona-based group of the same name). Sweden's "Rockpile"? Maybe. All I know is this: This show ain't nothin' but FINE, FINE, FINE!

I grabbed this show back in Sept. 2005 when it was shared by 12Bar, and it fell off the tracker (due to "Exceeding Inactivity") in Dec. 2005...but not before it was snatched 260 times. My thanks again to 12Bar for sharing this show with us.

I haven't made any changes to the FLAC files, so if any of you already have this show, I encourage you to help seed for others. This is possibly my favorite Dave Edmunds show. Great sound and great performance. Do yourself a favor and grab it.

Venue: Husaren
City: Skövde
Country: Sweden
Date: 2003-07-27

FM Broadcast

**mp3 samples provided (as always) in the Comments section**

01. Singing The Blues
02. Ju-Ju Man
03. The Race Is On
04. Sweet Little Rock'n Roller
05. Queen Of Hearts
06. No More Teardrops (The Refreshments only)
07. Baby I Don't Care (The Refreshments only)
08. Love Generator (The Refreshments only)
09. King Of Love
10. The Wanderer
11. Crawling From The Wreckage
12. I Hear You Knocking
13. I Knew The Bride
14. Shake, Rattle And Roll
15. Let It Rock
16. I'm Ready

Linage: cd > Toast Titanium > Aiff > xACT > Flac

Dave Edmunds have toured Sweden several times during the years with The
Refreshments as a backup band, a Swedish answer to Rockpile ? :-)
Enjoy the Show!!!!

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September 2005;
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November 2008