Soulsavers with Dave Gahan (of Depeche Mode): Live in Hollywood (2012)
Audio rip taken from pro-shot video footage

Lineage: m1 (hungarian TV channel) > UPC analog cable TV > Panasonic DMR-E55 standalone HDD/DVD-recorder (XP mode with LPCM audio channels) > DVD-RAM > VideoRedo Plus (frame accurate video cutting) > TMPEG-Enc (audio demultiplexing) > stereo 48 kHz WAV > Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 6.0a (volume boosted by +11dB, smooth compression (2.2:1 ratio, -6dBu threshold, 0ms attack and 500ms release time), smooth fading at the ends, manual phase correction [source is reverse phase compared to the digital satellite audio], volume boosted by +3 dB, tracks splitted) > FLAC frontend 1.7.1 (level 8) > you

Files are 16-bit 48khz and are not CD-ready; you will have to resample to be able to burn them on CD.

Some further remaster notes:

- 27:06 - 27:07 strange drop out fixed by volume envelope shaping
- 27:42 - 27:44 strange noise (probably through one of the drum mics) dropping the audio level in
the limiter fixed by envelope shaping

Thanks to bias for taping and sharing this recording. Enjoy!

Track list:

01. [0:50] Intro
02. [3:57] Presence Of God
03. [3:12] In The Morning
04. [4:20] Bitterman
05. [3:52] Just Try
06. [3:41] Take Me Back Home
07. [3:46] Tonight
08. [5:04] Gone Too Far
Total time: 28:43

Shared by ligushka on DIME May 21, 2013.