Dave Mason at the Club Taboo (formerly Ella Guru�s), in Knoxville, TN. Feb 11, 1992 Audience recording at 41.1khz, 16bit

Notes: I remember this night like it was yesterday. It was a cold, windy night so I wore a heavy dark leather coat and black, long sleeve Jerry Garcia shirt. I had placed my little Pro Walkman recorder loaded with a tape and a fresh set of AA batteries and of course my trusty little one-piece Sony mic into my vest pocket. I brought the smaller recorder on this particular occasion because I had heard that security was tight after the place had changed hands from being Ella Guru�s (owned by Ashley Capps of the currently renown A.C. Entertainment who puts on the Bonnaroo Festivals among other events) to now the �Club Taboo.� [By the way, no matter what kind of Google search I do, even for Knoxville all I get are some seedy sex clubs for this name. I didn�t think I was walking into one of those types of joints that night but one never knows.] I was relieved that I would not be patted down when reached the door and saw the bouncer, Steve, a friendly and familiar face from Guru�s days, taking the entry fee. After I paid my $5 (or was it $2?) cover I was inside. Nothing had changed from the familiar and tiny Ella Guru�s where I had taped many shows. The same brick walls with carpeted floors and the noisy bar and kitchen near the rear entry area remained. This is where people mingle and talk and servers clang plates and silverware even if it were the Beatles reunited playing up front. I wanted to get as far away from that as possible. Lucky for me, I was early and found most seats empty. I plopped myself down on the front row- the first seat left of the center isle, in a folding chair. I could reach out and touch Dave when he came on if I wanted to even though I had the tip of my mic sticking out of my sleeve. After swirling a beer, I was ready for the show! A few friends showed up- one guy who worked with me at �Lakeshore� at the time- a local mental hospital, sat next to me. Later, during the show, he yells out our mutual place of employment when Dave talked about Jeffery Dahmer (you can hear it on the CD). Anyway, this recording came out better than expected although the vocals are a bit weak. This might be because of how close I was to Dave and his very talented young, fellow musician (all I could get from the recording was that his first name � Dominique. I have tried to find who he is since then but with no luck. At the time, he couldn�t have been more than 20. If someone knows who he is, I�d like to know too!). The instrumentals (Dave�s acoustic guitars and the other guy�s electric keyboards) are a bit louder but vocals seemed to come more directly from right in front of me than from the house speakers. At least the chatter from the rear of the house was minimal and the recording turned out nice!

I have traded this tape with people for over 25 years now and finally about 16 years ago, I decided it was time to put it on CD and share it. Part of the reason was a friend of mine who had introduced me to his daughter kept bugging me to put it on CD. She apparently grew up with this tape and claims was her favorite music of all time. What can I say? I surprise him one day with a set of discs!! After this I did upload the files as a torrent for a while, but after the seeding died down, I put thing away until just recently. I have been going through my recording and re-rendering my files and using the knowledge I have acquired to normalize and properly track the files. This is a result of my more recent knowledge coupled with newer and better technology.

About the recording: It was analog by nature and originally on a 90-minute cassette tape. Somehow, I�ve lost the master. The original was on a TDK SA-X90 recorded with Dolby B and transferred to the tape I used to make the CD with Dolby B also encoded (what we used to call a �Dolby chain� - may it be unbroken! Ha!). This is the way we used to trade tapes- apparently if you dub tapes with Dolby B on both machines, and then listen to them with Dolby off, they sound best and transfer minimal hiss. If I�m wrong about this I have about 1000 tapes that were dubbed incorrectly- oh well. The two CD�s are each side of the 90-minute tape�this seems best as I had to flip quickly after the last song, not knowing if Dave would immediately start playing or not. Also, Disc 1 is slightly over 45 minutes and Disc 2 is about 40 minutes�just 5 minutes too long to put the entire show on one CD. There are two fades�both at the end of each disc. I did this with software for disc 1 but for disc 2, I apparently did it at the venue with the volume knob.

Lineage/Editing: Audience recording - first row center with Sony WMD-3 Pro Walkman with ECM-909 Microphone (120 0 stereo separation) on TDK SA-X90 (Dolby B) > dubbed at normal speed to TDK SA-90 (also w/ Dolby B) > Computer via SB Audigy A [E400] (Dolby off w/ WMD-3) originally encoded to WAV using Cool Edit 2000 and then tracking also with Cool Edit. My recent rendering included re-attaching some of the WAV files again where breaks were noticeable between songs and using CD Wave Editor to re-track those files as well as re-normalizing the entire recording again, not allowing clapping and lound eteraneous sounds from impacting left/right channel volumes. Trader�s Little Helper was then used for making the FLAC Files, Fingerprints and the Torrent.

Please trade this only in a Lossless format!

The Show:
Disc 1
01 A World In Changes
02 Every Woman
03 Bird On The Wind
04 Can�t Stop Worrying
05 Sad And Deep AS You
06 Feeling Alright
07 Born Under A Bad Sign
08 Shouldn�t Of Took More Than You Gave
09 We Just Disagree

Disc 2
01 Dancing Through The Flame
02 Maybe
03 Poison Ivy
04 Mr. Fantasy
05 Let It Flow
06 Bring It On Home
07 All Along The Watchtower

08 Take It To The Limit
09 Only You Know And I Know