David Bowie
15th July 1972

Audience Recording
Contrast clause: this is the full audio rather than the audio dubbed dvd found here:
Torrent #400877 DAVID BOWIE - 1972-07-15 & 1972-06-21 Aylesbury Friars - PAL DVD (Coloured & B/W unreleased footage of Mick Rock w./ dubbed sound from Aylesbury bootleg CD) reseed

Taken from the Japanese CD Bootleg 'Torquay 1972' (Wardour 057)

As discussed in the comments of the Osaka April 17th 1973 upload, this is NOT Torquay 1972. It is in fact one of many mis-named shows that turn out to be Aylesbury 15-07-72.
The Bowie Concert Tapes book gives this a 5. I guess that's about right. It's not an audio feast, that's for sure, but I've heard worse! As the band take the stage at the end of 'Ode To Joy',
Bowie says "Alright, I'm David Bowie, these are The Spiders From Mars and this is some of our rock". There is also a long and distinctive introduction to 'Amsterdam' which identifies the date
of the show as being Aylesbury 15-07-72. It's a good show and worth having. 'I Can't Explain' follows 'Moonage Daydream'. According to the artwork on the CD, Robin Lumley is the keyboard player.
He did appear with Bowie (as did many other additional musicians) but I don't know if there are any records of who played when. Yes, it's the same Robin Lumley from Brand X.
As is often the case with these things, the introductions to songs are at the end of the previous track. Not the end of the world, but I find it irritating. It's all a matter of personal taste I suppose.

1.Ode To Joy
2.Hang On To Yourself
3.Ziggy Stardust
4.The Supermen
5.Queen Bitch
6.Song For Bob Dylan
9.Five Years
10.Space Oddity
11.Andy Warhol
13.I Feel Free
14.Moonage Daydream
15.I Can't Explain
16.White Light/White Heat
17.Suffragette City
18.Waiting For The Man