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This is the LPCM Audio Rip
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R.I.P. David

Thanks to grner1 for this fantastic upload!!!

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David Bowie
April 10, 1978
Dallas, Texas, USA
Dallas Convention Center Arena

EX quality pre-broadcast Pro-Shot DVD video - 21 minutes (all that was broadcast).

This segment was broadcast in late 1978 as "David Bowie On Stage" and none of it has ever been released. This is the first transfer for this pre-broadcast source tape and is likely to be an upgrade over what has previously circulated of this. Check the samples to get an idea of the quality.

possible broadcast date: November 7, 1978 (date listed on screen during the count-in)

1 intro (with count-in)
2 What In The World
3 Blackout
4 Sense of Doubt
5 Speed of Life
6 Hang Onto Yourself
7 Ziggy Stardust
8 outro

transfer: Super Beta Hi-Fi tape > Sony SL-HF450 > Sony DVMC-DA2 Media Converter > Apple Macintosh Final Cut Pro (minor "nip and tuck" edits, removal of bottom of screen "head switch jitter" and chaptering) > Compressor > DVD Studio Pro (menu and authoring) > VIDEO_TS file set. md5 file created with checkSUM+.

Audio post capture processing in Pro Tools (DC offset and normalization). Audio placed back into Final Cut Pro before Compressor down-sampling.

Video: NTSC 720x480 VBR 7.7 Mbps peak, 6.2 Mbps average data rate, 2-pass.
Audio: Dolby Digital 2/0 (L,R), 48 kHz sample rate, 448 kbps data rate.

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