Hershey 83 (16-Bit Matrix Learm) (BOWSTAT004-16RM)

Artist: David Bowie
Date: 29. August 1983
Venue: Hersheypark Stadium
City: Hershey
State: Pennsylvania
Country: USA

(Part-)Matrix of 2 different audience recordings from the same show.


Source 1:
Tape > Technics Rs-bx501 > Zoom H2N (24/96) Flac > PC > Switch Sound File Converter Plus (downsample 96/24 > 44/16)

Source 2:
Arcorman tape sent to me by steve23yh as 44,1 kHz/16 bit, only part of the show from track 11 to track 28. This version is much superior in sound to the other version.

Both recordings were running too fast.
Original / corrected lengths:

Source 1: 111:59 / 117:42 ( 5,3 %)
Source 2: 73:39 / 83:17 (13,7 %)

Source 1 is very inconsistent in speed throughout the recording, Source 2 is running extremely fast and sounding very funny.

The problem was not only to reduce the speed but also to reduce the pitch as even after speed reduction of the recordings Bowie's voice was out of tune.
This was really a challenge and it took several trials until a sactisfactory result was achieved.

The reason for me to make a matrix was that I wanted to have the best sounding version of the show and at the same time not to have a too big difference in sound
between the first part of the show (which is onlay a remaster of source 1) and the second part of the show being the matrix.

Flac files of 2 recordings -> Magix Music Cleaning Lab (Matrix/Remaster 44/16) > BowieStation

Matrix of course only from track 11 to track 28 incl. remaster and EQ. Tracks 1 to 10 were remastered and EQ'ed (treble and bass lifted).

Also for both recordings some dehissing was necessary.

Both recordings will also be uploaded as "raw" remasters with just speed and pitch correction and level adjustment but with no EQ.

Jan Erik fixed SBE's with Trader's Little Helper.

Setlist (length 121:15):


01 Look Back in Anger
02 "Heroes"
03 What In The World
04 Golden Years
05 Fashion
06 Let's Dance
07 Breaking Glass
08 Life On Mars?
09 Sorrow
10 Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
11 China Girl
12 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
13 Rebel Rebel
14 White Light/White Heat


15 Station To Station
16 Cracked Actor
17 Ashes To Ashes
18 Space Oddity
19 band introduction
20 Young Americans
21 Fame
22 TVC15
23 encore call 1
24 Star
25 Stay
26 The Jean Genie
27 encore call 2
28 Modern Love

tracks 1 to 10 only from source 1, tracks 11 to 28 matrix of both sources

Tour band Serious Moonlight 1983:

David Bowie - vocals, guitar, saxophone
Earl Slick - guitar
Carlos Alomar - guitar
Carmine Rojas - bass guitar
Tony Thompson - drums, percussion
Dave Lebolt - keyboards, synthesizers
Steve Elson - saxophones
Stan Harrison - saxophones, woodwinds
Lenny Pickett - saxophones, woodwinds
George Simms - backing vocals
Frank Simms - backing vocals

This tape was donated to BowieStation by a private collector.
A lot of thanks to him for offering his tapes.

The following editions are available:

BOWSTAT004-24RAW - 24-bit raw (24-48)
BOWSTAT004-16RM - 16-bit matrix (CD-version)

BowieStation production 2015.

Matrix by Learm.
Artwork by MossGarden.
24 bit RAW version is available at http://www.bowiestation.com/ along with about 1000 Bowie torrents.

Uploaded to BowieStation by Learm on August 7th 2015
Uploaded to Dime by Jan Erik (jallaweb) on January 21st 2016

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