David Bowie World Music Theater Tinley Park Illinois 1990-06-15
(The R.J.P.Memorial Archive Series # 30)
R.J.P.Analog Master Krw_Co Transfer 24/48 Wav

Lineage Audience Analog Master Transfered On A Nakamichi Dr1 With Monster Cable To
Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Hd Model #Sb1240 To Wav 24/48 To
Audio Cleaning Lab For Track Marks And Tape Flip Edit Wav 16/44.1 To Tlh Flac Level 8

The Band
David Bowie Vocals Guitar Saxaphone
Adrian Belew Guitar
Michael Hodges Drums
Erdal Kizilcay Bass
Rick Fox Keyboards

***The First Song Space Oddity Is Missing From This Master***

1 Changes(Cuts In)
2 Rebel Rebel
3 Ashes To Ashes
4 Fashion
5 Life On Mars
6 Pretty Pink Rose
7 Stay
8 Blue Jean
9 Lets Dance
(Tape Pause Edit At 40:07 Or Right On Id 10)
Set 2
10 Sound And Vision(Cuts In)
11 Ziggy Stardust
12 China Girl
13 Station To Station(Tape Flip Edit In Song At 53:41 Real Time Or 2:53 Track Time)
14 Young Americans
15 Suffragette City
16 Fame
17 Heroes
18 The Jean Genie
19 Panic In Detroit

Please Dont Post This On Any Other Trackers We Will When We Get To It
And Please Dont Alter This Recording In Any Way.Thank You

KRW&CO and mike1061 are pleased to present to you the collection of
R.J.P.(RIP). R.J.P. was a prolific archivist from Chicago whom recorded live radio broadcasts,
tv broadcasts, as well his own captures live from the audience. These are on on Reel to Reel,
Cassette, Beta, and VHS as well as hundreds of pre fm transcription discs and reels.
We will be presenting to you our transfers of the R.J.P. collection, which has been in the
possession of mike since his passing, over the coming months. There are
going to be several exciting upload to come. Many thanks go to R.J.P. for his
archiving (which date back to the 1970's) and Mike for preserving
this collection and allowing it to be presented to you here.