Artist: David Bowie
Date 1990-09-20
Venue Sambodromo, Rio de Janeiro
Country Brazil
Type SBD

Band Line-Up

David Bowie: vocals guitar saxophone
Adrian Belew: guitar backing vocals
Erdal Kizilcay: bass backing vocals
Rick Fox: keyboards backing vocals
Michael Hodges: drums

Set List:

Disc 1

01 Space Oddity
02 Rebel Rebel
03 Ashes To Ashes
04 Introduction
05 Life On Mars
06 Stay
07 Pretty Pink Rose
08 Blue Jean
09 Lets Dance
10 Sound And Vision
11 Ziggy Stardust

Disc 2

01 China Girl
02 Station To Station
03 Young Americans
04 Fame
05 Heroes
06 Changes
07 Modern Love
08 The Jean Genie (Medley)

Total Running Time:



Soundboard - Silver CD - Extrated and Converted to Flac with Sound Forge 10 - Flac Level 8

Inspired by the exhibition itinerant about the life and work of David Bowie organized by Victoria and Albert
Museum (V&A) de Londresthat that I watched here in Sao Paulo on Sunday. I'm posting this show. I still do not resign myself to not having seen at least one show during their stay
in Brazil at that time, as well as really like DB, I am a huge fan of Adrian Belew. What about AB, for
those who do not know, the band of Sound and Vision Tour in 1990 is the Adrian Belew Band complete of the tour of his
solo album "Mr. Music Head" from 1989, to include only the bass player Erdal Kizilcay (but fucking weird name 's this?).
An excellent version of this tour was posted (not by me) on this link:
The version of Stay in this show is incendiary. Again, I hope you enjoy the work.

As always, I urge patience for all of you because my connection is not a wonder, but in a few hours the first download will be ready and henceforth the thing will flow better.

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