David Bromberg-The First Album Live
A Compilation

1. Last Song for Shelby Jean (August 13, 2004; Grand Targhee Resort, Alta, Wyoming)
2. Suffer to Sing the Blues (October 18, 1977; CW Post College, Brookville, New York)
3. The Boggy Road to Milledgeville (Arkansas Traveler) (May 25, 1979; Nakanoshima-Kokaidoh, Osaka, Japan)
4. Dehlia (May 20, 2011; The Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland)
5. Pine Tree Woman (December, 1972; Paul's Mall, Boston)
6. Lonesome Dave's Homesick Blues #3 (August 24, 1969; Old Pool Farm, Schwenksville, Pennsylvania)
7. Mississippi Blues (August 9, 1972; Passim, Cambridge, Massachusetts)
8. The Holdup (April 22, 1978; Warner Theatre, Washington)
9. Sammy's Song (August 28, 1971; Old Pool Farm, Schwenksville, Pennsylvania)

The problem with doing these for David Bromberg is that many of his officially-released albums were filled with both studio and live cuts. So, where possible, I've tried to get versions outside the time of the initial release.

I apologize in advance for the hiss in Boggy Road and the buzz in Mississippi Blues. I didn't find many/any other versions in my collection. A reasonably comprehensive, searchable setlist database would be an enormous help. If anyone knows of one for Dave, please let me know.

Anyway, many thanks and much appreciation for all the tapers, masterers and seeders for making this sort of thing possible.