David Bromberg W/ Rory Block
The Ark
Ann Arbor Michigan
Live Radio Concert: Our Front Porch

FM Stereo Broadcast --> Analog Cassette --> CDR
Recorded to cassette by Andy Rudolph from WHYY-FM
Mastered by Lee Goodwin

01 Our Front Porch Intro
02 Get Up and Go
03 Early This Morning
04 Talk
05 Winin' Boy Blues
06 Maple Leaf Rag/Dallas Rag
07 I'll Be All Right
08 Trying to Get Home (Reverend Gary Davis Version)
09 Monologue about Reverend Gary Davis
10 Trying to Get Home (David Bromberg Version)
11 Dying Cub Fan's Last Request
12 Introduction of Rory Block
13 Statesboro Blues/Church Bell Blues (with Rory Block and Peter Madcat
14 Talk
15 Sittin' On Top of the World (with Rory Block and Peter Madcat Ruth)
16 Mr. Bojangles
17 Our Front Porch Outro

Candleman notes 2020
I seeded this show and noticed it was very small (2020-05-16)
I dragged in into Goldwave and noticed the max peak was 44%
I did a file merge and boosted the levels.
I used the original track breaks that existed, Then Flac conversion was performed.
No other editing was performed.