David Bromberg Band
2-8-92 Early Show
Great American Music Hall - San Francisco,CA

Unknown Generation Cassette > Jb3 > Goldwave > Cdwave > Flac

Disc 1
01. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down > Fiddle Tunes Medley (7:41)
02. I'll Take You Back (11:54)
03. Dark Hollow (7:10)
04. Make Me A Pallet (9:17)
05. The Hurt Came Back Again (5:34)
06. Just A Matter Of Time (4:28)(:22)
07. Yankee's Revenge (6:19)
08. Will Not Be Your Fool
09. Who Do You Love? (7:01)
10. Plans For The Teardrops (3:24)

Brutal Cassette Flip In The Middle Of 'Just A Matter Of Time' A Bunch Is Missing
There Were Also Parts Where The Taper Paused In Between Tracks (I Think)
I Had To Edit Those Parts Out Because They Were Really Bad (Loud Mic Noises And More Ugliness)
This Multi-Generation Cassette Had A Cut,A Few Wrinkled Parts Of The Tape,And A Wall Of Hiss. I Did The Best I Could Do With What I Had To Work With.
It Is A Great Show,Hopefully A Better Copy Will Surface Someday.

Cassette Supplied By Gr8fuldave

Transferred 2004, when I knew little to nothing about editing.
Original was a straight transfer with tracking as the only editing.

Candleman notes 2020-06-27:
Levels were bad and a lot of hiss was present.
The recording lacked a lot of high end.
I merged it all in Goldwave, did a hiss reduction,
then ran an E.Q. program to bring up the high end.
I then worked on the fact that the levels between side a and b on the cassette
were different, as was the left to right levels.
I fixed those as well as I could, making what was once a medicre audience
at best, into something pretty listenable.
Tracking remains the same, except Track 6 was originally on two consecutive tracks.
Transfer , Tracking , And Flac Encoding By Jason Flair

Another Installment Of The Demon In Disguise Project

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