David Bromberg and Friends
26 September 1986
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, California

Source: Audience mics > unknown deck > cassettes > 2 @ TDK-AD90 cassettes > "Remix"
Tapes provided by: Russ Dugoni

Transfer: TDK-AD90 cassettes > Nakamichi Dragon > Olympus LS-10 > SoundForge9
Transferred and remastered by: Krobar

Volume 1
1-01. [cut] Don't Let Your Deal Go Down/Fiddle Tunes
1-02. Demon in Disguise
1-03. Just Because You Didn't Answer
1-04. Kind Hearted Woman
1-05. Love Changin' Blues?
1-06. brake
1-07. That's the Way That the World Goes Round
1-08. A Woman for Everyday of the Week
1-09. Katskill Serenade
1-10. Some Fiddle Tunes
1-11. Joan Baez intro
1-12. Pilgrim of Sorrow
1-13. intros ->
1-14. Sharon
1-15. Testify
1-16. Stewball
1-17. A Mind of Your Own

Volume 2
2-01. Dyin' Crap Shooter Blues
2-02. Midnight Hour Blues
2-03. brake
2-04. I Like to Sleep Late in the Morning
2-05. Ragtime Tunes ->
2-06. The Rev. Gary Davis story
2-07. Maple Leaf Rag
2-08. We Shall Overcome
2-09. Intro
2-10. Let Us Break Bread Together
2-11. Intros
2-12. If you Don't Want Me Baby
2-13. World of Fools
2-14. Diamond 'Lil
2-15. Sharon
2-16. Testify
2-17. Joan Baez Intro
2-18. Stewball

David Bromberg - Vocals, guitars, etc.
?Jeff Wisor - Fiddle.
?Gene Johnson - Vocals, mandolin.
?Butch Amiot - Vocals, bass.
Maria Malduer - Vocals, ?
Joan Baez - Vocals, piano?
John Firmin - Saxophones.
Keith Walsh - ?
Tony Johnson - ?
"The Garlic Gals":

Russ asked me to work on these tapes a couple years ago and here they finally are. I was hungup for a while by what was on the tapes. Then I realized that all four sides overlapped, typical of abridged copies in the cassette days. You recorded the first side until the tape ran out then started the second side with the start of the song that had run out, and so on with the other sides. I now believe this is a listening copy cut from a two show night. So I reconnected the four sides and divided them into two volumes or discs. As you can hear there are a lot of players at this show, and as you can see I have a lot of questions about who they all are. If you have any info on this show, please let us know.
Thanks to Russ for sharing the tapes and for his patience with me. As always thanks to Candleman for all the help and support he offers. Please don't distribute this recording for personal gain or in inferior formats (no MPEG's), thanks.