David Bromberg Quintet
The Westcott Theater
Syracuse, NY
Saturday October 20th, 2018 all

set: 01:42:55
d1t01. Sharon
d1t02. I'll Take You Back
d1t03. Why Do People Act Like That
d1t04. Demon In Disguise
d1t05. The Long Goodbye
d1t06. Blue Is Fallin'
d1t07. Tennessee Waltz
d1t08. Kentucky Blues
d1t09. Bare Back
d1t10. (Lost Her Love) On Our Last Date*
d1t11. Standing In The Need Of Prayer@
d1t12. band intros
d1t13. Mark Cosgrove solo instrumental
d1t14. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry^
d1t15. Summer Wages
d1t16. Drivin' Wheel
d1t17. (E) Mr. Bojangles

*unplugged/off mic
@/A cappella/one mic
^David solo acoustic

David Bromberg - guitars, lead vocals
Mark Cosgrove - guitars, mandolin, vocals
Nate Grower - fiddle, vocals
Josh Kanusky -drums, vocals
Suavek Zaniesienko - electric bass, vocals

Location: behind mixer enclosure, dead ctr, 40ft from stage lip ~

Mic config: DinA Kwonbar, Schoeps A20S shock, no screens, Large Manfrotto air-cushioned stand @ 7.5ft ~

Source: Neumann SKM150(AK50's/LC3's/KM100's)>GAKables xlr>Lunatec V2>GAKables xlr>Apogee Mini-Me@24/48>AES/EBU>Sound Devices 722 @24bit/48kHz

Recording,transfer,editing,mastering & conversion: SD722 master file @24bit/48kHz>firewire>Sound Forge Pro 12.1>CD Wave v1.98(tracking)>FLAC16 via TLH v2.7.0(level 8), tag w/Tag Scanner6.0.31, ffp & md5-TLH

Notes: ~ S.F. 12 (fade out, iZotope master limiter +5.0db, resample highest quality w/ anti-alias filter, POW-r #1 dithering to 44.1/16) ~
~ Apogee - soft limit on ~
~ Editing performed in 24bit/48kHz realm ~
~ Recording, transfer, editing, mastering & conversion by Steven Weld ~
~ Many Thanks to David Bromberg and the venue crew & security for allowing us to record and share the music ~