David Bromberg Quintet
City Winery
Atlanta, Georgia

Source: Schoeps MK4V'S>CMC6>Lunatec V2>Sound Devices 722 (24/44.1)
FOB/DFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP 35' From Stage, 6 1/2' High
DSP: Sound Devices 722>Sound Forge 10.0>CD Wave>flac(16)
ID3 Tagged In Foobar 2000
Recorded By: Z-Man
Seeded By: Z-Man

Disc I

01 Nobody's Fault But Mine
02 I'll Take You Back
03 ?
04 Tennessee Blues
05 The Blues, The Whole Blues, And Nothing But The Blues
06 Tennessee Waltz
07 Eyesight To The Blind
08 Band Introductions
09 It's The Lovin' Of The Game

Disc II

01 Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning
02 *Mr. Blue
03 #Standin' In The Need Of Prayer
04 @Washington County
05 David Banter
06 ^Mary Jane Song
07 Summer Wages
08 I Am The Strongest Man Alive >
09 ?
10 Sharon

* Unplugged At Front Of The Stage
# Acapela
@ Mark Cosgrove Solo
^ David Solo

David Bromberg - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, And Vocals
Mark Cosgrove - Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, And Vocals
Nate Grower - Fiddle And Vocals
Swavic - Bass And Vocals
Josh Kanusky - Drums

I bumped up the volume for the front of stage and Acapela songs as the levels were way too low.