David Bromberg Quintet
The One World Theater
Austin, TX

Audience recorded in 24-48; dithered to 16-44

Source: Schoeps mk41(dina)>KC5>CMC6>Oade Warm Mod PMD 661 @ 24/48
balcony-DFC-cables run to soundboard
SDHC>Dell Inspirion 13>Cool Edit Pro>CD Wav Editor>TLH (flac8)
Taped and processed by Richard Skaggs

01. Nobody's Fault But Mine
02. I'll Take You Back
03. When I Was A Cowboy
04. Come All Ye Fair And Tender Maidens
05. Dark Hollow
06. Standing in the Need of Prayer*
07. Who Wil The Next Fool Be?
08. TBD-08>Mando Jam
09. Tennessee Waltz^
10. Just Because You Didn't Answer^
11. Remington Ride+
12. Statesboro Blues%
13. Mean Old Bed Bug Blues^
14. Peanut Man^
15. Will Not Be Your Fool^
16. Mr. Bojangles^

*Acapella around 1 mic
^w/Jake Andrews on guitar
+Mark Solo
%David Solo acoustic

Thanks to David Bromberg and his management for allowing me to record!
Extra Special thanks to Hartt Stearns and the staff of the One World Theater for their hospitality!
If You're ever in Austin, go see a show at the One World Theater!