American Utopia
Hudson Theatre
New York, NY

01 Here
02 I Know Sometimes a Man is Wrong
03 Don't Worry About the Government
04 Lazy
05 Naive Melody
06 I Zimbra
07 Slippery People
08 I Should Watch TV
09 Everybody's Coming to My House
10 Once in a Lifetime
11 Glass, Concrete & Stone
12 Toe Jam
13 Born Under Punches
14 I Dance Like This
15 Bullet
16 Every Day is a Miracle
17 Blind
18 Burning Down the House
19 Hell You Talmbout
20 One Fine Day
21 Encore: Road to Nowhere

The Performers:
Jacquelene Acevedo, percussion
David Byrne - lead vocals, guitar
Gustavo Di Dalva, percussion
Daniel Freedman, percussion
Chris Giarmo, vocals
Tim Keiper, percussion
Tendayi Kuumba, vocals
Karl Mansfield, keyboards
Mauro Refosco, percussion
Stephane San Juan, percussion
Angie Swan, guitar
Bobby Wooten III, bass

Front row center, Sennheiser Ambeo-Smart headset > Apogee Meta-Recorder >
iPhone > WAV 1648 > Wavelab (fades, volume adjust close clapping, etc) >
8Brain SRC > CD-Wave > TLH > FLAC 1644 tagged. Concert recording by BFOQ.

Note: Due to the location of the recording, the drums became noticeably
louder as the musicians worked their way along the front of the stage.
Wavelab was deployed to soften this effect and even-out the balance.

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