David Crosby
BBC Radio 1
Richard Skinner Show

Source: FM > ? > DATs via Scott Clayton
Transfer: Fostex D-15 > Behringer Ultramatch 2496 > Reaper 6.19 > WAV 16/44
Master: Wavelab 10 (tracking, fades) > FLAC16

01. radio intro
02. Drop Down Mama
03. interview (addiction & recovery)
04. Tracks In The Dust
05. interview (writing Compass)
06. Compass
07. interview (the future)
08. Almost Cut My Hair
09. radio outro

David Crosby appearing on Richard Skinner's BBC Radio 1 show, Nighttime, discussing his addiction and recovery, songwriting, and the future.

The DAT did not have a lot of information but this looks like an over-the-air FM recording. It's very clear and clean. The interviews contain a frank discussion of Crosby's addiction and recovery.

In 1998-1990, Skinner hosted several shows Radio 1, playing an eclectic assortment of rock music. This recording contains some of the material surrounding Crosby's appearance, which was in two parts, including a reference to "Nighttime" that identifies this as part of Skinner's midnight broadcast.


--mhg :: 2020-12-28