David Grisman
Songs Of Our Fathers
Jewish Community Center
Scottsdale, AZ
Feb. 8, 1997

Schoeps MK4's > BillBox > Denon DTR80P Portable DAT Recorder@48KHz >
Digital Domain VSP Digital Audio Control Center Conversion @44KHZ >
Sound Card Delux Digital IO Card
Taped and transferred by bearpalm
Flac'ing and minor editing (Audacity) by Skiddly Bop

Recorded 15th row from stage left center

From the original bearpalm seed
"This is from my master tape. A few pops and muffles between songs as I
had to reposition microphones due to extreme stealth nature of this venue.
This is an excellent sounding tape overall and a very rare concert performance
of Dawg performing traditional Jewish folk songs mixed in with some Dawg music.
Andy Statman was ill and was replaced by Fishel Bresler who put in a
commanding performance."

Disc 1 (First Set) (44:00)
1. Shalom Aleichem (two mandolins) (1:49)
2. Chassidic Medley: Adir Hu/Moshe Emes (4:42)
3. "Welcome and Fishel Bresler Introduction" (1:56)
4. Shomer Yisrael (Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach) (5:57)
5. "Song Naming" (0:41)
6. Opus 38 (Grisman) (5:43)
7. "Band Introductions" (1:24)
8. Toska (4:52)
9. Dovid Melech Yisrael (2:56)
10. "Gypsy Woman" (1:02)
11. Gypsy Swing (Grisman) (6:02)
12. "Track 13 Intro" (0:41)
13. Flatbush Waltz (Andy Statman) > Opus 57 (Grisman) (6:15)

Disc 2 (Second Set) (57:23)
1. Shabbos Waltz (3:32)
2. "Excellent Christmas Presents" (1:22)
3. For The Sake Of My Brothers And Friends (Carlebach) (6:28)
4. "Hal Blaine Tells Jewish Jokes" (5:30)
5. Minor Swing (Django Reinhardt) (6:36)
6. "He's A Rebbe" (1:01)
7. Der Rebbe (3:59)
8. "This Is Jewgrass" (1:33)
9. Kazatski (4:12)
10. "Shul" (0:42)
11. Adon Olam (3:48)
12. "Thank You" (0:52)
13. King Of The Gypsies Medley (Grisman) (10:51)
14. Shalom Aleichem (full band) (6:57)

My gratitude to bearpalm for performing a mitzvah by sending these discs,
as well as his excellent recording under less than optimal circumstances.
This is the complete Songs Of Our Fathers album, minus Bashie's Bounce,
performed live, in order, with a couple of appropriate covers added in.

All songs are Traditional except where noted.

David Grisman: mandolin
Fishel Bresler: clarinet, mandolin, flute
James Kerwin: bass
Joe Craven: octave mandola, mandolin, violin, tambourine, percussion
Enrique Coria: guitar
Hal Blaine (Chaim Zalman Belsky): drums, percussion

David Grisman: http://www.acousticdisc.com
Fishel Bresler: https://www.creativeground.org/profile/fishel-michael-bresler
Hal Blaine: https://www.pas.org/about/hall-of-fame/hal-blaine
Joe Craven: https://joecraven.com/
Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach: http://rebshlomo.org/
Andy Statman: http://andystatman.org/index.html