Wonder Ballroom
Portland, OR.
Tour: An Evening With Dawes


1. a "pocket recording" with the recorder in my left inner jacket pocket
2. Wonder Ballroom location - balcony top row, dead center with speakers
equal distance from me on both sides and pretty much level with me off
the balcony
3. I noticed that the sound balance in the ballroom was fairly consistant,
as I went down to the floor for the last few songs and the sound remained
unchanged to my ears, as well as on my recording I believe.

4. Zoom Q3HD PCM 44.1 KHZ 16 BIT with the camera off to capture just the audio

5. original set files "mastering by acetboy" in this version

6. my artwork made with some photos I took included


set 1 - 2030 to 2148

01. Introduction > One of Us
02. I Can't Think About It Now
03. If I Wanted Someone
04. Fire Away
05. Picture Of A Man
06. From a Window Seat
07. That Western Skyline
08. Roll With The Punches
09. A Little Bit of Everything
10. When My Time Comes
11. Less Than Five Miles Away

Set 2 - 2205 to 2337

01. Love Is All I Am
02. For No Good Reason
03. Hey Lover (Blake Mills cover)
04. Quitter
05. Don't Send Me Away
06. Time Spent in Los Angeles (Intro) >
07. Most People
08. When The Tequila Runs Out
09. So Well
10. Things Happen
11. From the Right Angle
12. Still Gonna Die (Shel Silverstein song excerpt)
> We're All Gonna Die

13. audience before encore

14. Peace in the Valley
15. All Your Favorite Bands

edit notes (acetboy's remaster version) -

1. decreased audience clapping (a lot of it my own)
& some loud audience hooting (neighbor to my left)
2. fixed some phasing problems on a few tracks (best I could)
3. normalized volume to 100% (except for track 13 second set)