Wang Theatre
Boston, MA
February 2, 2019

Taylor Goldsmith - vocals, guitar
Griffin Goldsmith - drums, vocals
Wylie Gelber - bass
Lee Pardini - keyboards, vocals
Trevor Menear - guitar

Source: master audience recording
Taper: BH
Location: Orchestra center, Row R
Lineage: Core Sound HEB's > Battery Box > Sony M10 Line In 24/96 > Audacity (amplify, tracking) > TLH > FLAC 6 > foobar2000 (FLAC tags)
Sound: mp3 samples attached in the Comments

Notes: I was given this recording by another taper, BH. The quality is outstanding. If you haven't seen Dawes yet, DO IT!

Set 1 [1:09:11]
01 stage entrance
02 Living in the Future
03 Time Spent in Los Angeles
04 Most People
05 We're All Gonna Die
06 Never Gonna Say Goodbye
07 Bear Witness
08 Now That It's Too Late, Maria
09 intro to When the Tequila Runs Out
10 When the Tequila Runs Out
11 Things Happen
12 Feed the Fire
13 A Little Bit of Everything

Set 2 [1:17:00]
14 Didn't Fix Me
15 My Greatest Invention
16 How Far We've Come
17 From a Window Seat
18 Right on Time
19 Telescope
20 Million Dollar Bill
21 From the Right Angle
22 intro to Crack the Case
23 Crack the Case
24 Roll With the Punches
25 When My Time Comes
26 All Your Favorite Bands