Del McCoury Band

January 17, 1997
Julia Morgan Theater
Berkeley CA
Early & Late Show

From the Teddy Ballgame Archive

Digital Soundboard > Panasonic SV250 > DAT Master @ 16/44

Transfer: DAT master tape > Modified Sony 601EsD PCM digital out (w/ emphasis and dc offset fixed) > WAV

Ted Mattes Master DAT recording
A Philly Crew Transfer
Edited & mastered by Joe Noel
December 17, 2018

- any help with the setlist is appreciated

The Players
- Del McCoury; guitar, vocals
- Mike Bubb; upright bass
- Ronnie McCoury; mandolin
- Robbie McCoury; banjo
- Jason Carter; fiddle

In memory of 'Larry Sellers', our good friend Kris Wescott.

- Early Show -
t01 - intro
t02 - Train 45 ->
t03 - Are You Teasing Me?
t04 - Bluest Man In Town
t05 - Dream
t06 - [banjo picking' time]
t07 - Heart of My Heart
t08 - Undone in Sorrow
t09 - Back Up and Push
t10 - Blue Darlin'
t11 - Quicksburg Rendezvous
t12 - Eli Renfro (Don Humpreys)
t13 - Blackjack County Chains
t14 - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Fisk Jubilee Singers)
t15 - High on a Mountain
t16 - Love is a Long Road

- Late Show -
t01 - intro
t02 - [fiddle stomp] ->
t03 - Cold Hard Facts
t04 - Don't Our Love Look Natural??
t05 - Walk Out in the Rain
t06 - Little Darlin' Pal O Mine
t07 - Smokin' Gun
t08 - Another Place Another Time
t09 - Ole Daisy Mae
t10 - Don't This Road Look Rough and Rocky (Flatt & Scruggs)
t11 - I Got My Future On Ice (Edria Addie Humphrey)
t12 - I Believe
t13 - Don't Stop the Music (George Jones)
t14 - Baltimore Johnny
t15 - Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On (Kitty Wells)
t16 - Loggin' Man
- encore one -
t17 - Get Down On Your Knees and Pray (Bill Monroe)
t18 - Rock Hearts (Jimmy Martin)
t19 - [mandolin number]
- encore two -
t20 - I Feel The Blues Movin' In

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[J.Noel 21 December 2018]

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