The Derek Trucks Band
April 29th, 2004
Aladdin Theater
Portland, OR
SBD>Sony MZN707 MD master>Audacity 16bit>TLH FLAC Level 6

Joyful Noise
Down Don't Bother Me
Soul Stew
Everything is Everything
For My Brother
I Wish I Knew
Freddie's Dead
Hey Driver, What City?
To Know You Is To Love You
Gonna Move
Lonely Avenger
Leavin' Trunk
Pedro>Volunteered Slavery (Cut)

Notes: A genuine, uncirculated (until now) soundboard recording of the Derek Trucks Band from 2004. I taped this show when I was 13 years old, on my Sony MZ-N707 minidisc recorder. Recording is a bit hot (again, I was 13). Sound quality is about what you would expect from a minidisc recording. Fantastic performance and a great night. Thanks Dad! There is an audience recording circulating from this same date that seems to have a slightly different setlist. I have indexed and labled the tracks as best as I can. If I missed anything, please let me know. ENJOY!
- J. C.